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More than 50% of students drop out of college within the first year.

These are three of the top reasons why the rates are so high: 

They are not prepared. There are a number of students who get overwhelmed and anxious about what they have to do. Being able to build resiliency skills to manage the stressors of college life is an important skill to learn before the transition.

They do not believe in their ability to succeed. Confidence is a huge part of having a successful college experience. Many students, especially ones who were first-generation college students stated that they did not believe that they were smart enough or capable of achieving a degree.

They struggle with time management. Now that they are on their own, they don't know how to manage academics, a social life, and other activities. This is especially difficult for students who also have to work or have athletic responsibilities.

That is why we want to be proactive...

The demands that college students face today are enormous - there is a full academic course load, a demanding work schedule, and many youth athletes also face the demands of intercollegiate sports. These pressures can take a toll on their mental and physical well being.


That is why we have developed a program to help students learn how to develop proper strength, stability, and mindset techniques to help them cope with their own unique needs. The focus on this program will include:


  • How to work through relationships and deal with conflict

  • Flexible with outcomes – foster creativity, exploration, and expression – autonomy and reciprocation

  • Professional development: learning, sharing and connecting with others


  • Prepare athletes for the demands and positional requirements of the sport – train productively (with the end in mind).

  • Safe and efficient exercises that focus on functional fitness

  • Rest and recovery: Corrective exercise to help relieve stress, muscular soreness and tightness, and enhance physical balance.


  • Developing self-awareness and the ability to connect with ourselves and others

  • Understanding and making effective choices- being active, invested, speaking out and encouraging positive behavior

  • Healthy habits centered on gratitude that helps to illuminate your life and the lives of everyone around you

We have helped hundreds of students learn how to train productively (with the end in mind) and learn how to create healthy habits to help illuminate their life. Our program is meant to help prepare youth for the demands of college. 
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